CABALLERO+PONS Barcelona is a centre that specialises in Gaze Design as well as Oncology Aesthetics. Following a lengthy trajectory, and with ample experience dedicated to the personal image of our clients, we open our doors on Barcelona’s iconic Passeig de Gràcia, opting for a new concept in Beauty + Art + Oncology Aesthetics.

Our location, in an exclusive Modernist apartment with spacious private rooms, was chosen in order to offer discreet and personalised attention in an intimate environment. Thus, we’ve created a peaceful and relaxing oasis, where time stands still, to enhance our clients’ souls…

The materials chosen to decorate the spaces, achieve an eco-friendly atmosphere, suitable for those with chemical intolerances.


Gaze Design CABALLERO+PONS Barcelona

We work to enhance the power of your gaze with eyelash extension and design eyebrows.

Oncology Aesthetics CABALLERO+PONS Barcelona

Intimate and discreet space reserved for advice on wigs, turbans and cosmetics.

Micropigmentation CABALLERO+PONS Barcelona

An aesthetic solution designed to enhance and correct facial traits and body areas, generally applied to eyes, eyebrows, lips and breasts.