At CABALLERO+PONS we work to enhance the power of your gaze, boosting your natural beauty.
We wish to make your eyes captivating, intensifying their expression, giving them the beauty of a gaze out of time.

We use the best and most effective eyelash extension technique, the one that works with one eyelash at a time. They are synthetic, hypoallergenic eyelashes that attach to your own natural ones without making contact with your epidermis. This groundbreaking new system allows us to obtain a deeper gaze without the need for eye mask, saving time in the mornings and doing away altogether with make-up removal at night.

As an alternate treatment to eyelash extension or as complement for people with very fair eyelashes (or sun-bleached) and without curl, we recommend eyelash dying and perming or the new and groundbreaking eyelash lifting. If you have not tried it yet, you will be amazed at the result. The ideal treatment to look radiant day and night without the need for make-up.

The power of your gaze does not rely only on luxurious eyelashes. We also offer, both for MEN and WOMEN, a customised service of eyebrow sculpting, because eyebrows frame your gaze. From a classical design adapted to your face to partial or total eyebrow reconstruction by means of pioneering techniques, such as MICROBLADING, 3D DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION or MICROPIGMENTATION.

Our visagism experts will study the shape of your eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes and will recommend the look that best adapts to your needs.


Not all women use the same eyelash mask or make themselves up in the same way, which is why at CABALLERO+PONS we have chosen three different looks for each woman style:

Ilustración pestañas efecto dluxe

DLUXE Effect
Total placement on top of your own natural eyelashes.
With this treatment you will get a sophisticated and well-defined gaze.

“A deeper gaze, eyelash mask effect.”

Ilustración pestañas efecto natural

Partial placement on top of your own natural eyelashes.
With this treatment you will get an elegant, natural look.

“A fresh and natural gaze which is ideal for everyday life.”

Ilustración pestañas efecto rasgado

Partial placement in the corners of the eyes.
With this treatment you will get an almond shaped gaze with a feline-looking effect.

“An almond effect for those initiating in the wonderful world of eyelash extension.”

(Results may vary depending on the shape and the eyelash of each client’s eyes).

Tinte y Permanente de PestañasEYELASH DYING AND PERMING
With this treatment we manage to broaden your gaze in a natural way, curling and adding colour to your eyelashes.

Lifting de PestañasEYELASH LIFTING
With this treatment we make eyelashes longer, livening up the gaze and lifting the eyelid.

Diseño de Cejas o VisagismoEYEBROW DESIGN
We carry out a visagism study to frame your gaze, providing your eyebrows with the right shape and definition.

With this treatment we can obtain more density and volume, adding up as well temporary colour. There is a broad range of tones to unify, colour grey hair or change the base tonality.

Diseño y Construcción de Cejas 3DEYEBROW DESIGN AND 3D CONSTRUCTION
Using pigments and placing eyebrow extensions, we can reconstruct eyebrows from scratch or fill in small gaps, increasing their volume and density.

RevitaLash Productos EspecíficosSPECIFIC PRODUCTS
We use specific products for stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Revitalash Advanced is a groundbreaking cosmetic formula that prevents breaking up and fragility, improving flexibility and shine for more luxurious eyelashes and eyebrows.

Scalp micropigmentationMICROPIGMENTATION
It is the complementary technique to our main specialities in Gaze Design and Oncology Aesthetics. In the former, to correct and enhance facial traits (eyebrows and eyes as well as lips), in the latter case, to reconstruct scars, areolas as well as in facial aesthetics.

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The latest trend in permanent make-up techniques, “eyebrow design hair by hair” or Shadow.  It involves applying pigments in the epidermis with strokes that heal  quickly. It is more superficial than micropigmentation and it provides a very natural looking appearance. It is also used to improve the appearance of already existing eyebrows.

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