Eyebrows & Lashes

In oncological aesthetics we often come across cases that depend, in great measure, on the different phases of the illness: diagnosis, treatment or recovery. We face different situations for each phase, and each require a specific solution.


Prior to starting any cancer treatment, it is good to know that the first side effects will be the loss of hair, including eyebrows and lashes. To this effect, the best precaution is the strengthening of lashes and eyebrows, with the aid of Revitalash and Revitabrow products. Thanks to these, we will strengthen the hairs from their base, and avoid, in large part, their loss.


Once cancer treatment has commenced, the following temporary solutions for hair loss are available:


Eyebrows made with natural hair on a PU base. Can be washed and dyed. They are applied with prosthetic glue. Suitable for continuous use, removing them every 4-5 days to cleanse the area before re-applying them.

Eyebrown - FibersFIBRE EYEBROWS

Make-up based on fibres with natural pigments, which achieves a textured effect. To be applied in the morning and removed at night with make-up remover. Firstly, a glue base, suited for skin undergoing cancer procedures, is applied.


With natural pigments, to define the eyebrows. We counsel and teach our clients to apply their make-up daily, making the most of their features.


STRIP LASH: Lashes on a single strip, applied using a specific glue for skin undergoing cancer treatments. Ideal for daily use. Available in different shapes and colours.


Three weeks after treatment has finished, we can start taking the necessary steps to fully recover lashes and eyebrows.

NeuLash LogoNew Brow

We recommend its use to stimulate the follicles and accelerate growth of new hair, in order to recover the lashes you had before.


HD+BROW EXTENSIONS. Once the first hairs start to appear, we’ll work on the design of the eyebrows with the aid of HD and/or hair-by-hair extension, until we achieve a full brow.

Alternatively, fibre make-up will be continued. We recommend a visit every three or four weeks, in order to fully design the new eyebrows.

False EyelashesEYELASHES

Once new lashes start to appear, we can start applying lash extensions one by one, a revolutionary technique, that allows you to be radiant night and day, without using mascara.