Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

For oncological treatments and/or Alopecia Areata/Universal Alopecia.

One of the first symptoms to appear as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy is the loss of hair. Therefore, we must anticipate this process and start to treat and advise our clients BEFORE this happens. Thus, we can study your current appearance calmly, and prepare the wig that you will wear in the future, with the same style and colour.

DURING treatment, we will advise you on the day-to-day care of the wig, as well as the products to use for your scalp. We will also take care of maintenance (washing, care and revision).

We offer NATURAL HAIR WIGS, which can be prepared for colour and drying. Alternatively, we have FIBRE WIGS, which are more comfortable and barely require maintenance; they are simply washed and air-dried, recovering their style and shape in the process.

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