CABALLERO+PONS Barcelona, (herein referred to as “the holder”) urges the user of this web site (herein referred to as “the user”) to read the following legal aspects which are set out.
The act of visiting this web site implies knowledge and acceptance on the part of the user.
In accordance with the Organic Act 15/1999 of December 13th regarding the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD) , the Act 34/2002 of July 11th regarding Company Information Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and the Real Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12th which approved the revised text regarding the Intellectual Property Law, the holder informs the user of the following legal aspects:

Protection of data

  1. The data which is gathered in this web site will go on to make up part of the files becoming property of the holder.
  2. The user has sole responsibility for the source, ownership, totality, content, veracity and preciseness of the data as well as the information provided by them for the intended purposes in this web site, which will be subject to a strict policy of confidentiality and privacy. The holder will not assume any responsibility regarding the information and contents supplied to the user.
  3. The holder promises that the data will be used exclusively for the administration and realization of the administrative procedures or the registration required, in accordance with the legislation in force applicable at the time.
  4. The holder promises not to supply the user’s data to any other individual or legal entity without the explicit consent, nor to make an inappropriate use of said data.
  5. The holder promises to install the necessary measures in the installations, systems and files to safeguard the data of a personal nature, communications and/or transactions produced as the result of navigating or registration in this web site.
  6. The holder promises professional secrecy regarding the data included in the files, an obligation which will remain in force even after the relationship with the user has been terminated. This pledge to secrecy applies to all personnel who may have access or dealings with the data which have been supplied by the registered user.
  7. The holder informs that in no circumstances cookies will be used to obtain identified personal data, reserving their use solely for the purpose of facilitating access to the web page.
  8. The act of implementing any of the prepared formulas in this web site implies the acceptance on the part of the user of all the clauses which are set out. This may be exercised, at any moment, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition on presenting a request to the holder’s installations.

Conditions of use

  1. The holder is not to be held responsible for the quality of the navigation nor the speed of access. All users who enter the web site promise to do so in accordance with the law, morals and public order, in regard to access and navigation.
  2. The introduction of viruses is forbidden which can harm this selfsame web site or third parties. The user will be held responsible for the navigation which they carry out. Likewise, it is forbidden to send and/or transmit any violent or threatening, defamatory, obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, xenophobic, pornographic or in any way offensive material which constitutes or foments conduct which may be against the laws in force.
  3. The holder has taken the necessary precautions to avoid the propagation of computer viruses. Nevertheless it is recommended the receiver of all computer messages carries out their own controls. The holder does not accept any responsibility for harm which may be caused by these factors.
  4. How the information contained in this web site is used is the responsibility of the user. The holder will not be held responsible for any harm or damage which is caused or may be caused, of any type, which may result from the use of the information or material contained in this web site and from the programmes which it contains. The links and hypertexts which are facilitated, by means of this web site, give the user access to services offered by third parties, and in no way belong to nor fall under the control of the holder.
  5. The holder promises not to send communications of publicity nor sales promotions by electronic mail nor by any other medium of communication of an electronic nature without identifying them as commercial communications and without them having previously been requested or expressly authorized by the recipient. Not so in the case of information sent to the clients by the holder for the purpose of maintaining the existing contractual relationship, as well as for the execution of tasks regarding information, instruction and other activities pertinent to the services for which the client has contracted the company.
  6. The holder may modify, without previous notice, the information contained in this web site as well as the configuration and presentation.

Intellectual Property

  1. The holder does not permit, neither the total nor the partial, reproduction, publication, divulgation, computer processing, distribution, diffusion, modification, commercial use, transformation or decompilation of any support or format of any of the elements in this web site without previous written permission. The user, only and exclusively, may use the material which appears in this web site for their private and personal use, its use for any other motive being forbidden.
  2. The commercial names, makes, logotypes, and distinctive signs of any nature which appear in this web site are protected by the intellectual and property rights of their holders.