Oncological aesthetics is one of the specialisations at CABALLERO+PONS and, fundamentally, our raison d’etre. We aim to minimise the aesthetic consequences of cancer (loss of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes) as much as possible, by way of personalised advice.

Our mission is to accompany our clients from the day they learn of the illness, taking charge of the aesethetic side, since we know just how important it is to continue to feel beautiful for a healthy state of mind.  Self esteem tends to take a plunge after receiving such news, and at C+P we wish to help you to discover that despite the illness, and with minimal care, you can continue to be yourself, keeping your self image intact.

During treatment, your body, hair or skin can experience changes, so it is time to adapt their care to their new needs. The time you dedicate to your beauty regime should be an enjoyable moment that you set aside to pamper yourself. Because looking after your appearance, as well as improving your state of mind, lowers anxiety levels, improves self esteem and eases the relationship with those around you.

Our intention, is that those affected continue to look good, in order to feel better. To be happy with our appearance makes us feel stronger, and this feeling need not change during the illness.

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