Oncology Turbans

Complementary to the wigs, we offer our collection of turbans by the brand “Christine”. Styled for the day-to-day, they allow the skin to breathe, thanks to being made from the finest cotton and the most delicate bamboo fabric, as well as textiles made from milk fibres. All models have been designed especially, with women who go through the process of chemotherapy in mind, ensuring nothing irritates their sensible skin and offering wellness and comfort.


Ideal for sports, as they do not move. Furthermore, the material absorbs perspiration, so the head doesn’t lose body heat, even when it is humid.


The Solar Line, with SPF 50, offers the best protection from damaging sun rays, allowing the skin to transpire at the same time.


Made from nylon and lycra, they are ideal for the pool, beach and shower, and dry very quickly.

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